Igor Dobranic blog

  • Colors and emotions

    Colors and emotions are closely connected. Our wish was to create a challenging and optimistic collection. This season, we decided to step away from neutral tones and indulge in vibrant colors. 
  • I.G.O.R. textile / part two

    The art of textile distinguishes itself from the rest of the art forms by creating close relations between practicality and aesthetics. Fashion design incorporates many diverse creative and industrial processes.
  • IGOR S/S 2023 Collection photoshoot

    In the process of branding and creating a fashion catalogue, fashion photography has an important role. Our reminiscences of particular collections and the fashion of a specific era are associated with the moments captured by fashion photography.
  • Creating a collection - little lessons for the new generations

    In order to place an aesthetically pleasing, innovative and exciting collection, a strong concept is essential. This will affect the interconnection between color, printed forms, materials, cut and other technological processes of design system.
  • I.G.O.R / Textiles

    In forming our creative identity, textiles play one of the main roles. Through recent years we have distinguished ourselves by producing original author fabric in cooperation with the Italian industry.
  • Fashion cycle – Never-ending story

    Our S / S 2022 Collection is launched onto the market, while A / W 2022 -23 Collection has already gone into production. We are currently working on developing new cuts and fabrics for S / S 2023 Collection.
  • I.G.O.R / jewelry

    All of us who enjoy and cherish small pleasures in life cannot resist a nice piece of jewelry.
  • Slow Fashion & Our Web Offer for Summer 2022

    Two years ago when we were busy creating and launching our web shop, we had our worries about extra stock supplies and surplus goods. Today we can proudly say that in the process of production we realized making a web collection on request could contribute to a global tendency of slowing manufacturing activities down and reducing stock quantities.
  • The Edit

    „The Edit“ is our new project, Capsule Collection intended for everyday living that customers can order throughout the year.
  • Welcome to New York

    Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Leonard Cohen, all are great musicians that glorified New York in their songs. It truly is magical. Fashionwise, the peculiarity and freedom of self-expression promoted by New Yorkers is really fascinating.
  • Milan / First fashion fair of the season

    Good morning Milan, we have brought you gorgeous fashion.
  • Welcome to our blog!

    In early 2021 as we set out to create a collection for Summer 2022, we dreamed that by then COVID pandemic would come to an end, people would be longing for a carefree lasting summer and many great opportunities to dress up.