I.G.O.R / Textiles

In forming our creative identity, textiles play one of the main roles. Through recent years we have distinguished ourselves by producing original author fabric in cooperation with the Italian industry. That enables quick access to innovations in technological processes of textile production. Our brand does not subject to defined color trends, however, selection of Pantone and creating color samples are important elements of design. Various studies have shown that almost 90% of surveyed consumers formed their first impression of the collection through color. In our collections black is a constant. Bestselling, most loved, black reflects authority and power, creates a sense of independence. When deciding on materials, in addition to quality and aesthetic components, today we form our decisions by taking into consideration the well-being of the ecological system. Therefore we choose environmentally-friendly fabrics. In the production of Summer Collections we use a lot of linen materials. Unlike synthetic materials flax is interesting in terms of sustainability, it has a longer lifespan and in the end it is biodegradable which reduces the impact on the environment. Compared to cotton, flax requires much less resources in the production process. We aspire to additionally minimize damage to the environment, so we plan a complete transition to organic flax in the future, considering that crops and plants are grown without pesticides and chemical compounds. When choosing synthetic materials, we prefer recycled. By following sustainable trends we try to make an effort and contribute to the reduction of textile waste in the world.