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Photos for inspiration/ ftumbrl.blog, lamby 1959, Chameleon safaris

In early 2021 as we set out to create a collection for Summer 2022, we dreamed that by then COVID pandemic would come to an end, people would be longing for a carefree lasting summer and many great opportunities to dress up.   

We sifted through sketches, searched for some inspiring content from the archives and kept coming back to photos of the Sahara, where endless sandy tones merge with beautiful oasis vegetation. Somehow shyly and respectfully we decided to choose Africa as the theme. Its multiculturalism, tradition and natural wonders helped us create our own African story. 

   Freedom of thought and creative enthusiasm led us to a collection rich in patterns, accentuated graphics and contrast. Casual fashion silhouettes are highlighted by layered clothing combined with natural and airy materials. Don't forget to have a look at our unique necklaces, sales will start soon in our partner stores all around the world.

Matkovic & Vild