Colors and emotions

Colors and emotions are closely connected. Our wish was to create a challenging and optimistic collection. This season, we decided to step away from neutral tones and indulge in vibrant colors.  

The wide range of colors is determined by the abstract motif in the print, we joined the tailored silhouettes with colors that we separated and built our fashion strategy. We see a counterbalance to bright colors in deep black with a calming effect, which simplifies the sensibility of the collection itself. 

We took some of our basic cuts, reaffirmed them through a selected spectrum of intense colors. As a result, one beautiful, timeless fashion fusion came to life. 

Diversity of silhouettes can especially be seen in coats and jackets, visibly shifted by subtle details in the cut. 

We upgraded the level of research and experimenting with laser cutting different sorts of material and creating original textures. 

Winter texturality is emphasized by laser cut pieces of clothing. The structure gives the impression of a fine crafted knitting. For those of our clients who are not prepared to fully enjoy the intensity of colors, we have created fashion accessories, such as colorfully printed handbags or colorful pieces of jewelry, to bring them closer to the energy we were influenced and captivated by.