Creating a collection - little lessons for the new generations

From drawimgd to ready Made samples to photo shooting.

In order to place an aesthetically pleasing, innovative and exciting collection, a strong concept is essential. This will affect the interconnection between color, printed forms, materials, cut and other technological processes of design system. A large portion of our time is spent on experimenting and research, while we collect data and materials, get up to date with market innovations, which facilitates our creative and implementation processes later on. 

A sketchbook or a Sketch panel that we use is a place of drawings, ideas, discussions, arguments... 

As we put together a collection, we combine sketches and textiles. Every designer has his or her own approach and methodology for producing a collection. With us picking out the materials and printed patterns play a major role, which then sets the course, determines the development and direction of shaping and cutting. The next phase is making of the prototype, so that real fashion silhouettes could appear and through small corrections and modulations - final samples created. 

After sewing and finishing the collection, we submit it to various quality checks to make sure that we deliver high quality goods and live up to the standards and philosophy of our brand. A photoshoot is the last stage prior to placing a collection on the market. It plays a very important role in fashion culture and how the collection will be perceived in the eyes of the public. 

But you should read more about it in our next blog entry.