IGOR S/S 2023 Collection photoshoot

In the process of branding and creating a fashion catalogue, fashion photography has an important role. Our reminiscences of particular collections and the fashion of a specific era are associated with the moments captured by fashion photography. We are surrounded and influenced by fashion editorials served to us by the media, but it would be unjust to perceive and identify fashion photography as such. 

Our goal is to tell a story and share our ideas, thoughts and attitudes with a broader audience through photo image. Although the process of image creation and shooting represents a step back from reality for us designers, it is necessary to pay attention to details in the course of production. 

We started the creative process of making this collection with impressions of local scenery, surrounded by four rivers, an endless spectrum of green and blue tones, then ended it by integrating a sterile white photo studio into a surreal atmosphere of almost fluid space. For our photoshoot we chose talented Slovenian photographer Peter Giodani who balances fine art and contemporary fashion photography. 

With his experimental approach, he helped us bring our creative process to an end and present our fashion collection: IGOR - S/S 2023. Thanks to the whole team, especially to a gorgeous model Karolina for her cooperation and professionalism.