I.G.O.R. textile / part two

The art of textile distinguishes itself from the rest of the art forms by creating close relations between practicality and aesthetics. Fashion design incorporates many diverse creative and industrial processes. We've already written about how textile contributes to the identity shaping of our collections through its design, tactility, layering, transparency. Today we will direct our attention and focus on design printing. 

When we talk about textile, the important thing is to be up to date with the latest technology trends and innovations. Development, simplicity and applying digital printing techniques favor the production of "fast fashion" trends. That is not the philosophy behind I.G.O.R brand, but we do appreciate the contribution to commodity stocks reduction in the fashion industry. 

We tend to use as much as possible the ecological techniques of digital print like latex, which is almost fully recyclable. Latex ink is acceptable because of its good adhesion to most fabrics, but also has one more positive impact- no transfer paper is needed. 

We have always been inclined towards sublimation due to the reproduction of high-quality photos in bigger formats. With the help of our Italian friends this season, we were among the first brands worldwide to use the new technologies and sublimation in the process of fabric weaving. By applying this practice, a new and interesting look emerged that affects the very pattern and 3D visual progress in the reproduction. Despite the problems we are facing in a supply chain, which is affecting the fashion industry more by day, we are staying true to author fabric, bold printed samples that enrich and perfectly complement our collection.