Fashion cycle – Never-ending story

Our S / S 2022 Collection is launched onto the market, while A / W 2022 -23 Collection has already gone into production. We are currently working on developing new cuts and fabrics for S / S 2023 Collection. 

In fashion industry time is everything. Considering what a complex process textile production is, fabric patterns are created two seasons in advance. If we are behind time with the production, we can't keep up with fashion expos and shows. We risk missing out on chances to meet with new clients. Running late with scheduled deliveries could result in loss of customers. 

A lot of hard and dedicated work is hidden behind the glitz and glamour facade of the fashion industry. Effort invested enhances our competitiveness in world's biggest industry. Developing phase should include research and sustainability awareness too. We employ various concepts in order to stay dynamic and innovative from one season to the next. 

The way that fashion works and endures hasn't changed in ages, but new technologies helped accelerate our fashion cycle. That's why we implement new technologies and benefit from laser cutting and embroidery, 3D printing, digital printing... In spite of fashion and industry trends, connecting with our clients is how we envision our path. Exactly how this blog came to be one of the tools, bringing you closer to our vision and values.

Jacu, Notting hill, London

Laboratorio 13 , Pescara Italy

Pia Antonia Linz, Austria

Ida’s Idea , Washington DC

Brenda Muir , Glasgow, UK