Welcome to New York

Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Leonard Cohen, all are great musicians that glorified New York in their songs. It truly is magical. Fashionwise, the peculiarity and freedom of self-expression promoted by New Yorkers is really fascinating. 

Fusion of all styles, different cultures, contemporary and traditional approaches to clothing create an utmost New York style. We have been exhibiting at the New York Fair for several years now, but we still feel butterflies in our stomach every time we come to face this magnificent city and its audience.

 After two years of coronavirus pandemic and online fairs, finally we can meet all those wonderful people who had enjoyed, loved, and promoted our clothes, took them a walk through the streets of New York. Last season, inspired by its architecture, we dedicated our entire collection to New York. 

This season we embrace and wear a ginkgo leaf motif which can be compared to a city that is mesmerizing due to its distinctiveness and longevity. Hopefully in one of our upcoming blogs we will present the charms of New York boutiques which offer and sell our clothes. Thank you for your hospitality. See you next season at the same place.