I.G.O.R / jewelry

All of us who enjoy and cherish small pleasures in life cannot resist a nice piece of jewelry.

 Whether we are devoted fans or just love it as a desirable accessory for special occasions, I.G.O.R. brand traditionally pays great attention to jewelry. What we are proud of and like to emphasize is tendency towards creating sustainable, recycled and environmentally acceptable pieces. That is why jewelry made from excess fabric, buttons or rubber bands that we use in our collections can often be found as a part of our accessories offer.

Our jewelry is characterized by oversized pieces that are not just a subtle fine addition to your outfit, but play an important role in creating their own story. Blending in perfectly with our basic pieces and forming a unique concept. As an addition to our basic collection pieces we often combine and recommend stacking and layering your jewelry. 

The key is to find balance so they complement and enrich each other. Don't just follow fashion trends blindly, develop your own personal style. For this season we advise large daring accessories that will accentuate your look and make you stand out.